The level of intelligence is changeable in adolescence

Scientists say that the level of intelligence, or as they say IQ, may change during adolescence, both in positive and negative ways.

Until recently, research scientists, it was considered that the level of intelligence this is a static value, which primarily depends on the inheritance, and then the intensity of human learning or regular mental workload.

Researchers have observed for IQ for Teens exploring their intellectual capacity from 14 to 18 years of age by the method of non-verbal tests and scans of brain activity. The results showed that the level of verbal intelligence has changed, 39 per cent of children, spatial thinking ranged from 21 percent. In the first case - it shows the development of the cortex of the left cerebral hemisphere, and the second is the development of the cerebellum.

"We can't stop in the intensity of the development of intelligence in adolescents who initially demonstrate a high result, and conversely, children who fall behind in first grade, provided that regular mental exercise can catch up with and surpass their peers in high school level IQ," said Kathy Price, the study's lead author, Professor at University College London.

According to "BBC".

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