The less sleep, the more you get fat

American scientists have found that often the lack of sleep, many people compensate for the additional calories.

Doctors from the Mayo clinic observed in 17 subjects within 8 days, they were divided into two groups. The first group followed the usual sleep mode, the second was allowed to sleep much less than usual.

It turned out that not sleeping enough people eat much more. On average slept for 80 minutes less participants per day consumed 549 calory more than others. When healthy woman a day should not be more than 2 thousand calories.

Moreover, physical activity has remained the same, that is, the extra calories are not burned.

Lack of sleep is now recognized as one of the factors in the development of obesity.

Professor Virend Somers believes that not sleeping enough people in the blood increases the levels of leptin and lower ghrelin. Leptin in the body is responsible for hunger, ghrelin also inhibits it, this imbalance leads to a constant desire to eat.

According to experts in the world today are regularly deprived of sleep for 28 percent of men and women, all of them are sleeping less than six hours per day.

Anyone who tries to normalize your weight, should sleep at least 8 hours per day. Chronic same sleep deprivation can lead to obesity and cardiovascular systems. Probably rampant addiction of young people to the night sessions in social networks and the computer has led to an increase in the incidence of obesity in developed countries.

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