The length of fingers men will talk about his behavior with the opposite sex

Men have special structure of the brush. Finger at them shorter than nameless. Moreover, this difference is less noticeable among women. Experts say: the ratio of the length of the index finger to the ring can talk about the behavior of men in dealing with the opposite sex. When small differences in length, according to scientists at fetal stage, the fetus acts more male hormones. Data provided by the publication of The Hindustan Times.

Scientists from McGill University studied a group of 155 men. Analyzed their behavior when communicating with other people. As it happens, someone was contact and open, someone, on the contrary, preferred to be alone or eternal disputes.

When a small difference in the length of index and ring fingers men often quarreled with the opposite sex and couldn't build a line relationship, whereas a large difference, scientists have observed a great degree of contact with women. What is the reason, studies in the near future.

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