The lady took a mustache and beard for solidarity with the men

Autumn is traditionally the inhabitants of Western countries, the suit "months" to support cancer patients. Expression of solidarity with men who have specific forms of male cancer usually occurs in November. A resident of England to Express their support has resorted to a rather unusual way.

In October in many countries is usually expressed its solidarity with women who have had breast cancer, and in memory of the victims of this severe disease clothing hundreds of thousands of people is complemented by a pink ribbon. The whole of October in various charity funds is particularly active collecting donations directed to the care of the sick and the acceleration of work that allows you to create new, more effective drugs. This is accompanied by the work, explaining the need for regular examinations by a physician mammalogy and the like.

And in November, almost 10 years to the month in solidarity with men, faced with a purely masculine forms of cancer, like testicular tumors and prostate cancer. In this regard, the penultimate month of each year, give the name "Warsaw", formed from two words - "Novеmber", which means "November", and "mоustache", translated as "whiskers".

It was fixed since then, once during the month of November, many members of the male sex in solidarity with patients who are victims of these forms of malignant tumors began to grow a mustache, considered for many centuries a symbol of masculinity.

The Englishwoman, Sioban Fletcher was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries. Due to the abnormally high level of testosterone in the body of 36-year-old woman last 20 years, she is forced every day to begin with shaving very dense vegetation on his face.

However, wanting to Express solidarity with the men, Sioban for a whole month refused to use a razor and shaving-brush.

One of the British TV channels showed the performance of a woman with a mustache and beard, which caused a huge interest of the audience and generous donations to the Foundation help men suffering from cancer.

On the application of a brave housewife, she is not ashamed to appear in public with a beard and mustache, then men should not be shy to visit a urologist for regular checkups.

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