The lack of sleep effect comparable to that of alcohol intoxication

If we consider the influence of alcohol and waking from brain activity, then every five hours on the feet compared with one serving of cocktail at the bar, writes Voxy. It turns out that 20 hours is comparable to four servings of alcohol. In this case the body can not properly function. Tired driver, scientists believe, carries the same danger on the roads, like a drunk.

So after a sleepless night is extremely dangerous to get behind the wheel. Lack of sleep leads to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Feels light chills because of decreased body temperature, decreased immunity. Brain activity during sleep similar to his work with alcohol.

If you go to the numbers, then every hour on the feet similar to the concentration of alcohol in 0,004%. It turns out that you do not sleep more than 20 hours is dangerous.

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It should be noted that with the lack of sleep and lack of health often face men. The stronger sex is worse to cope with lack of sleep. Hardest hit are young people, among whom the number of such disorders is constantly growing.

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