The lack of healthy and sound sleep affects the condition of human skin

Edition of The Times of India describes studies that were conducted by scientists at the Medical center Case Western Reserve. It turned out that people who do not get enough sleep, slower to recover my strength. This primarily affects the skin condition. With the lack of rest accelerates the process of aging plus damage or direct UV rays skin restoration is delayed for a long time.

Until this study, scientists have repeatedly warned that lack of sleep can lead to the development of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, immune deficiency, but that's about the skin condition first began to talk just now. The study involved a group of volunteers, each member of which is independently assessed the deterioration of your skin when you sleep.

Thus, in testing it was found that in case of damage of the skin barrier, such as burns, inflammatory process to last for 72 hours. The next step was a test for measuring transepidermal water loss, in other words, the skin's ability to retain moisture. As a result, the test showed a very bad result. People who suffer from insomnia and just don't get enough sleep, the skin is broken, and the regeneration process is degraded by 30%.

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Studies have shown that in addition to internal ill health when you sleep people in General perceive themselves negatively. Thus, lowered self-esteem, resulting in a poor appearance and a predisposition to obesity. For comparison: in the group is not precipitated and 44% were obese; in the group of precipitated - 23%.

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