The lack of calcium reduces the quality of sleep – scientists

Calcium is needed not only for bone health but also for the nervous system. The optimal concentration of this substance has a positive effect on sleep quality, the researchers found. Calcium participates in the transmission of electrical impulses through the neurons, so this element so necessary for the brain.

Sometimes the cause of insomnia, sleep apnea and other abnormalities should not be sought in psychological causes. Along with the imbalance of hormones may be to blame low calcium levels, writes Zee News

Scientists as proof of his words lead the results of the experiment. In mice with deficiency of calcium was observed major changes in sleep and rest. The entry of calcium ions into the bloodstream contributed to the sleep of animals, and the conclusion – the awakening. We will note, in the exchange of calcium may be involved genes, but researchers do not yet know how to influence them without harm to the body.

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