The kids are in school bacteria for Breakfast

Despite the good intentions of parents tasty and healthy food for schoolchildren, providing it in school homemade Breakfast, most Domashnij Lunches can heat up to dangerous temperatures in the bag baby, plus they are not tightly Packed.

A new study by researchers from the University of Texas at Austin showed that more than 90 percent of home Lunches brought to school, warmed up favorable for the development of bacteria temperature well before lunch.

When the children return home with abdominal pain, parents tend to think that he got some sort of virus, but the reason for this can be given several hours before lunch.

Storage of food at the wrong temperature causes the growth of bacteria, making the food dangerous to eat. At special risk are children under 5 years.

The researchers measured the temperature of individual perishable food from lunch 705 students for a half hour before lunch. In 39 percent of the meals was not ice, in such breakfasts without ice packs, food was often reached a dangerous temperature.

The vast number of investigated Lunches was clearly not safe for the stomach level and could really cause problems with the stomach.

The researchers suggest parents to give to school children foods that can be stored at a high temperature, for example fruit or peanut butter. However, the avoidance of perishable products caused harm to the diet of children, again violating the balance of school meals. The most reasonable way for schools to put the kids Lunches in the fridge, and then hand them out to lunch.

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