The kidney in children: cause vitamin D deficiency

In clinical studies, scientists have determined that one of the reasons for the development of chronic pathology of the kidney in children. According to the researchers, the new culprits - the deficit of vitamin D.

Dr. Amit Patange, a leading pediatric specialist in Detroit, and his team, the study found a correlation between damage to the arteries of the kidneys and vitamin D.

As he says: "Seal the walls of the arteries of the kidneys - is a marker of chronic kidney disease, the cause of these disturbances was previously not known. The study was able to establish a clear link between the breach of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, including vitamin D and typical lesions of the blood vessels of the kidneys".

The study showed that 25-hydroxy-vitamin D is the only significant predictor sealing of the arterial walls in children receiving hemodialysis.

This is the first work in which doctors were able to determine the relationship of chronic kidney disease in children with primary deficit of the vitamin in the body.

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The paper was published in the journal "Pediatric Cardiology" in 2011.

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