The key to a good memory - vitamin B4

Employees of Boston University studied the relationship between the development of human memory and the use of certain products. It was discovered that areas of the brain responsible for memory, increase their work largely, if people regularly consume foods rich in choline or vitamin B4.

It is also noted that about 1.5 thousand people aged from 36 to 83 years of age participated in the experiment. Was the diet with high content of choline very effectively favors the development of memory that was tested on human volunteers using established tests. After 5 years of experiments was confirmed: the blood above the level of choline, so, consequently, better memory, and spatial and abstract thinking.

Diet, which scientists hope, suggests the presence in the diet of the following products: chicken meat, liver, eggs, milk, and, of course, sea fish. Also large quantities of choline is found in legumes.

Rod Ash is a senior scientist in this field also notes that eating chicken eggs, people will help themselves to slow down the unpleasant process of aging in the brain, which, in turn, can cause not such rapid deterioration of memory. However, experts do not exclude such phenomena with age to remember anything will be much harder than it was in his youth.

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