The juice of the purple tomatoes will save the British from chronic diseases

British scientists brought a special variety of tomato. The skin and pulp violet has already managed to impress ordinary people. According to The Daily Mail, the juice of the tomatoes is able to significantly reduce the level of inflammatory reactions in the human body. Note that the experiments with genetically modified tomatoes were conducted in Canada, as Britain is quite a negative attitude to such products.

For the experiments was obtained about two thousand liters of juice. The first batch of 1.2 thousand liters will be sent to the Centre John Innes. The staff of this institution will conduct the necessary tests and try to gain permission to sell the product. Scientists believe that the juice from modified tomatoes will help to reduce the level of inflammatory reactions serve as a good prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Purple color is the result of high concentrations of anthocyanins in tomato sauce. This connection is contained in the blackberries, and other fruits of the blue. It is believed that anthocyanins significantly reduce inflammation in the body, prevent the development of chronic diseases.

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