The Japanese have developed a drug against cancer stem cells

In Japan soon will be clinical trials of the drug, by the way, the first drug in the world that can directly attack cancer stem cells, which will eventually turn into cells of malignant tumors.

The developer of the drug, "Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma" expresses the hope that the Ministry of health of the country gives its approval for conducting clinical trials of the drug in March of this year. A new drug designed to kill cancer cells of the colon. But it is so far and in the future, the researchers hope that it will be sufficiently effective for the treatment and other forms of cancer.

According to Professor of medicine, Osaka University Masaki Mori, today modern methods of treatment of malignant tumors has yielded only, unfortunately, a temporary effect, leaving the body the cause of cancer, cancer stem cells, which create the preconditions of subsequent relapse. Around the world continue to work on creating a drug that would be able to destroy it stem cells, but so far to no avail.

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If all goes as intended by the creators of the new drug, and it will be clinical trials, it is likely that in 2015 the drug will be on the pharmaceutical market in the US, and a year later in Japan.

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