The Japanese company has released a coffee can burn fat

Japanese company Kao Japan was released coffee (brand Healthya) whose main purpose is the burning of body fat. To fat burning possible, the coffee beans thrown roasting longer than usual. As a result of such prolonged heat treatment "is produced more chlorogenic acid".

To reduce the amount of oxides formed after roasting, use a special substance. As stated by the manufacturer Healthya coffee, according to a study conducted by 12 weeks, resulting in the consumption of fat seehauser coffee, the participants were able to lose weight up to one and a half pounds.

In this experiment involved women and men - a total of more than 100 people. They all had problems associated with obesity, and consumed 18ml. coffee daily. In the end, 25% of test participants noticed the weight loss after four weeks of testing 51% after eight weeks, and 72% after 12 weeks.

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