The IQ does not reflect the actual abilities of intelligence

So far the IQ test was considered the most accurate way of identifying the intellectual faculties of man. Scientists from the Western University of Ontario proved that such a system is not effective, according to the canadian television CTV News channel.

For proof of this fact, scientists have played 12 tests for intelligence among 100,000 people, and also asked these people to talk about their lives.

As it turned out, the positive result of the test was influenced by short-term memory, verbal factor and the ability to think logically. Also on brain activity was influenced by the age and sex of interviewee, and even the fact, whether he's a gamer. This was demonstrated using functional magnetic resonance imaging.

People who play computer games, had more developed short-term memory, and were more capable of reasoning. Smokers have bad things are going on with memory and speech. Not the best way affected memory anxiety. Aging also had a negative impact on the brain.

What is most remarkable is that regular brain training does not increase the level of intelligence of a person.

According to canadian experts, mandatory test IQ is not the correct criterion for admission to work or school. These tests do not reflect the emotional state of the person. Instead IQ test, canadian researchers propose to use their developed alternative tests.

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