The inventors have developed a condom with a built-in stimulator

Condom use is associated with decreased sensitivity during sexual contact. Scientists solved this problem by using a condom with a built-in stimulator. The sensor sends electrical impulses to the penis, writes The Daily Mail. According to the developers, electrical stimulation significantly increases the sensitivity.

Development for the consumer market will be no different from a regular condom, according to the authors of the device Fires Feast and Andrew Quitmeyer. For testing they came up with a soft sleeve with electrical stimulation through electrodes placed on the reverse side.

A controller that controls the device, called the Lilypad. The developers plan to introduce the self-control stimulation. Allow manual adjustment and regulation through the network.

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It should be noted that the device is completely safe, as it sent electric discharges have low power and are not able to harm. The condom developers had to test for myself.

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