The invention of new drugs against aging

Scientists have provided tools that improve the condition of people in old age. They are known as gerontovrachos. New tools relevant to them, was invented Salkovskis Institute. Drugs can protect the brain from the negative effects and produce positive results in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. At the moment the test was performed only on mice, not attracting people to them.

The design was created using botanicals such as physiotens and curcumin, which in large quantities contained in strawberries, and turmeric, respectively. As a result, the specialists were able to invent three drugs: CMS121, CAD31 and J147. The principle of their action consists in preventing the inflammation of the neurons that causes brain aging. The experiments demonstrate the ability of drugs to reduce the levels of markers of aging and dementia.

Drugs also increase life expectancy in General. At this stage of development experts are preparing to conduct clinical trials. Their initial goal is a detailed examination of the funds and highlight their abilities to a positive impact not only on brain but also on other organs.

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