The Internet will help to cure depression

Swiss scientists have found that depression is not worse than the drug helps to get rid of the Internet. Online doctors can practice remotely on patients psychodynamic therapy.

In the experiment, the scientists involved two groups of patients. However, one of them passed the course psychodynamic therapy for Internet communication, the second is the traditional way. After 10 weeks of treatment revealed that the positive effect of treatment in the first group is much more pronounced than in the second. Symptoms of depression significantly decreased and the patients feel well without help for at least 10 months.

"Compared with antidepressants and other treatments of depression psychodynamic it online therapy showed the best results," said Dr. Robert Johansson from Lineparser University.

Moreover, this type of treatment is one of the independent. Patients simply get materials on the Internet and communicate with a therapist once a week for 10 minutes by e-mail.

A great advantage of this technique is the ability to help a larger number of patients, because the remote operation takes less time at the doctor and he is able to lead more patients to recovery.

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