The Internet reduces the libido of young men

Libido of young people is greatly reduced from the regular use of the Internet. According to the study, interest in the opposite sex decreases among girls and among boys.

Major American universities are working on this problem. At this point in the study involved 27 thousand volunteers. According to information gathered, around 15% of young people in the United States at the age of 20 are virgins. In the last century, this figure was two times lower. Many do not hurry to start adult life, preferring fun and loneliness.

Fell and libido in young people. Earlier, people had a completely different reason, which is not allowed to create a family. Abstinence from sex was considered a symptom of high values. Now it's more a symptom of the desire for love virtually.

The Internet, according to the majority, is a safe environment to communicate with the opposite sex. Many become more relaxed and confident in the network. And it really is a big plus, victory over one's own complexes. However in some cases passion virtual Dating develops into a real addiction.

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