The Internet makes people think that they know nothing

Sense based on knowledge inside the world wide web, makes people doubt their own competence. The usual case when we compare even the banal and well-known information with the Wikipedia article or the issue in well-known search engine. Researchers from the University of Waterloo attempted to answer the question, why is this happening.

Just experiment was attended by 100 volunteers. They offered to take the TES on erudition. The subjects had access to the Internet, but to use them only if you don't know the answer to a specific question, writes NDTV.

In the second stage, volunteers were deprived of access to the Internet. It turned out that the hand, ready access to information makes people 5 percent more likely to believe that they don't know the correct answer. Scientists suggest that the Internet actually causes us to doubt their own knowledge.

The desire to recheck itself has become commonplace, and the presence of a vast array of information on the Internet makes it a "second memory" to man. However, don't confuse my personal knowledge base with diverse data, which still need to get.

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