The Internet is the cause of mass hypochondria

Doctors do not cease to say, the Internet is the enemy of modern medicine. Most of the patients tries to use the network to search for their disease and self-diagnosis, treatment.

A new generation of Internet-hypochondriacs trusts more to the forums than qualified medical professionals that cannot oppress. Distrust of doctors complicates the interaction and affects the entire system, writes The Times of India.

Information found its official confirmation in the social survey 650 physicians from 27 cities. 44% of respondents reported that the majority of patients is too broad view of their diseases. Often guesses patients he had read on the Internet isn't quite right. 37% of physicians reported that their patients are "experts" in the field of medicine that has not received a diploma of higher medical education.

In addition, half of the doctors believed that with the widespread proliferation of Internet interaction with the patient deteriorated greatly. The vast majority of experts agree: their patients, as a rule, find themselves the most severe symptoms.

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