Excessive Internet browsing can significantly improve blood pressure in young people, experts from the Hospital of Henry Ford. In the recent study of 134 adolescents, they found: people who are online more than 14 hours a week, have an additional risk of hypertension. This writes Zee News.

Together with high pressure, scientists believe that Internet addiction entails anxiety, obesity and symptoms of depression. In addition, every hour on the Internet, for the sake of entertainment is the distance from relatives and friends. It is proved that such people have reduced the skill of making new contacts and maintaining old relations.

Dangerous consequences are waiting for people on the Internet more than 25 hours per week. It's not just about desktops and laptops, but also smartphones, which has become in recent years almost the main means of access to the Internet. Scientists have become the recommended limit on the virtual case: no more than two hours a day with a break for the weekend.

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