The intake of protein cocktails prolongs life

Respected bodybuilders and bodybuilders for the nutritional value and benefits of protein shakes can be useful not only for athletes. Italian experts came to the conclusion about the ability of such additives to prolong life.

According to scientists from the University Brescia, using protein shakes can increase the life expectancy of 12%. During the study on laboratory mice, the animals were fed protein powder, in the end, they lived in 80 days more than "ordinary mouse. And the duration of 80 days of life rodents corresponds to 10 years of human life.

In the opinion of the project Manager Enzo Nisoli, the use of protein supplements might be helpful to people in the age in order to prolong his stay on Earth. Experts from Italy believe in the possibility of using the obtained results in relation to humanity as a whole.

In addition, it achieves a preventive effect. Drinking these drinks, starting at the age of 55 years, may reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and lung.

Italian experts have already supported by their American colleagues, as well as scientists from Taiwan and Singapore. Laboratory experiments on mice showed that the life expectancy depends on protein SUN1.

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