The indigenous inhabitants of the American continent were immigrants from Russia – scientists say

Researchers from the Universities of Cambridge and Copenhagen claim that – the earth was populated by the immigrants from the Russian territory. The researchers ' findings published EurekAlert.

In the course of experimental work, the scientists analyzed the DNA of Indian girl found in 2013 in Alaska. The age of the remains amounted to 11.5 thousand years. Experts have noted a convergence of genetic information of the child with previously studied materials the native Americans.

According to genetic information, the possibility of migration of people to Alaska before 20 thousand years ago. Archeologists testify to the existence of nasledovanie earlier race of indigenous inhabitants of the American continent, called "ancient Beringian".

Formed about 36 million years ago in the North-East Asian race migrated to Alaska, avoiding the Bering land bridge in connection with climate change.

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