The increase of the brain in boys can be a symptom of autism

Abnormal growth of the brain, since four months ,provokes the type of autism in which kids lose the opportunity to Express in language and social skills that they once had, as evidenced by these studies, conducted in the United States. The brains of boys with regressive autism has increased by six percent more than it usually develops among the peers.

"There are several subtypes of autism, with different neurobiological bases. Autism includes a wide range of defects, mental development and can vary from mild social awkwardness to a complete inability to communicate, repetitive movements, sensitivity to certain light and sound signals, and behavioral problems. The disorder is more common in boys than girls with a ratio of four to one," says study co-author David Amaral, Director of the research Institute of MIND at the University of California at Davis .

Previous studies showed that clinical signs of autism, as a rule, coincide with the period of abnormal growth of the brain and head, which becomes apparent between the ninth and 18th month of life.

The results showed that boys with regressive autism have significantly greater in comparison with normal head circumference, permanently installed in 19 months.

The authors note that the study was not complete, as they were based on data from parents about when autism in children appeared for the first time.

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