The increase in the number of deaths of women during childbirth

British scientists are increasingly concerned about the growing number of mothers who died during childbirth. The main cause of maternal mortality are heart disease, a thief place - neurological diseases.

This is due to the fact that modern medicine can afford to get pregnant even a woman with a complicated disease, and pregnancy is a test that is given to go not for every woman. But the unpleasant fact is that the number of deaths of pregnant indirect causes over the past 20 years has increased dramatically, they are associated with poor quality of the ambulance. Only last year in the UK for these reasons, died of 154 mothers. And more than one-third of all deaths due to substandard care and the wrong combination of drugs during pregnancy, when the body of a pregnant especially weak.

Doctors say, one hundred and Institute of obstetrics cannot diagnose all dangerous for mother's illness and needs the support of doctors. Annually pregnant women die from verifiable diseases - asthma, diabetes, epilepsy only because during childbirth with them are only obstetricians specializing in assisting at birth, not when the bouts of illness.

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