The increase in salary will not replace a good relationship with your boss

Employees of American companies participated in the survey conducted by the psychologist Michelle McQuade. It turned out that wages are not a priority in the workflow. The study showed that 65% of respondents prefer good relations with the boss, who would become for them greater pleasure than cash in the wallet.

Higher wages chose only 35% of survey participants. 36% of Americans said the job satisfaction, 31% admitted lack of inspiration and an underestimation on the part of the head. 15% of respondents consider themselves unhappy, lonely or vulnerable boredom.

According to the findings, Pat McQuaid, disgruntled workers harmful for companies in General.

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Slow performance in companies leads to the loss of their annually to 360 billion dollars. At the same time, 60% of respondents said that could be more productive while improving relations with the boss. Some even gave their heads a characteristic as a trajectory that defines their career development. Among 1000 respondents 55% believe that their success is largely influenced by relationships with superiors.

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