The income of a person depend on the characteristics of the brain – study

A lot depends on your chosen profession, scientists believe, but from the mind. Typical analysts earn an average of 6.3% more than their counterparts with a predisposition to creativity, writes The Daily Mail.

The brains of people, according to the theory of Simon Baron-Cohen, may have "male" and "female" type of structure. The male brain tends to think logically, "female", on the contrary, to the sensory perception information. Note, not every man has a "male" brain, and Vice versa.

The researchers correlated the information on the earnings of 16,000 volunteers and the peculiarities of their nervous system. The results obtained are as follows: holders of a "male" brain earn 9.8% more money than those with a brain "female".

An analytical mind helps in the work of managers, administrators, workers of technical specialties. And there is the combined mind, however, these people usually get an average salary.

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