The incidence of cancer will double by 2030

Cancer carry a huge threat to humanity. Every day increases the number of carcinogens, provoking the growth of tumors. In addition, the immunity of the modern man leaves much to be desired. Cancer is the cause of death in the second place, immediately after cardiovascular diseases. Definitely need new methods of diagnosis and treatment of disease. This is indicated by data published during one of the presentations.

Scientists warn: cancer incidence by 2030 could increase twice. The data was published by AFP. Particularly will increase the number of lung cancer cases.

Now the death rate from cancer is at around 8.2 million people. By the year 2030 (total 16 years), this figure will increase to 13 million, at least so say the representatives of the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) at the UN.

In the scientific work was attended by 250 scientists from 40 countries

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