The inability to make a decision is a sign of schizophrenia

Scientists from the University of New South Wales determined that in patients with schizophrenia people, impaired decision-making mechanism. Schizophrenia also affects the emotional intelligence of a person, causes disruptions in thinking, delusions and hallucinations.

In patients with schizophrenia ventral striatum region of the brain responsible for decision making, is not functioning properly.

Experiments have shown that schizophrenic patients were not able to distinguish between expected or unexpected consequences and rewards for correct decisions, they also could not cope with unpredictable situations and to take based on the logic of benefit decisions.

Using functional MRI revealed that responsible for these functions in the area of the brain incorrectly operated incorrectly sensing environmental signals.

The expectation of winning, positive, consolidation, it is very important for learning because it helps a person to concentrate and think about solutions that will be most beneficial for him. In healthy participants had no problems with the decision of unpredictable situations, however, suffering from mental illness people were not able to plan their actions so as to get the maximum reward for a correct solution, it is caused by incorrect work of the ventral striatum, which is not fully accepts external signals.

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