The implantation - pros and cons

The teeth are not restored. Their loss leads to disorders in the digestive system, distortion of facial features. Modern method of restoring teeth implantation, helps to solve the problem.

Implantation the implantation of a dental implant with a crown. This method allows you to restore any number of missing teeth. The operation is completely painless for the patient. Implanted implant is crowned with a crown, color and form which you can pick up the tone of their teeth. The replacement tooth is human life.

Seemingly no 1-2 teeth does not play a major role in the functioning. This is not the case. In the absence of even one tooth of the other units begin to move and claiming space. In the emerging gap gets food that causes periodontitis and caries. If missing teeth are long, it is reflected on the front of the plastic - obvious cheeks, down the corners of the lips.

Installation of the implant in the center of implantology is an expensive operation. But when other methods of prosthesis should be treated , stacia healthy teeth, to spend money on additional crowns, inlays, remove the casts, to treat the channels and cavities. In addition, the dentures should be replaced every 5 years. It is not difficult to calculate that it would be cheaper and less costly physically. Although implantation is not a difficult operation, there are some contraindications.

• You cannot put the implant to young people under 22 years

• Periodontal disease and connective tissue

• Harmful addictions(alcoholism, drug addiction)

• Mental health

• Pronounced osteoporosis

• Diabetes

• Myocardial infarction in the acute stage of the disease

• Kidney and liver failure

Temporary contraindications include:

• Pregnancy, breastfeeding

• The gnashing of teeth required to wear a mouth guard, the patient in writing assures physician in advance)

• Smoking more than a pack of cigarettes a day

Stages of implantation:

1.The preparatory phase. Examination of the patient, finding his health. If necessary, you will need to hand over analyses, to consult about your condition with the doctor - specialist. For example, a patient cardiology consultation should know how they react heart to implant treatment.

If necessary to carry out the treatment of the oral cavity.

2. Install the replacement tooth for 20-40 minutes.

3. After 3-5 months is installed permanent porcelain fused to metal crown.

Advantages of implant installation:

• Do not stitch the adjacent teeth

• The number of restored teeth is not limited

• Implants do not injure the gums, allow you to eat any food.

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It is most similar to a natural tooth

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