The implantation - how to choose the implant and what determines its value

The teeth are, first and foremost, human health, which must be maintained and protected. Not every adult man could boast that he has all 32 teeth. Today, it is possible that modern medicine can offer implant treatment that helps people restore lost teeth.

Implantation is a real "revolution" in modern dentistry. Today, dental technicians are actively using titanium implants, which are artificial roots that through surgical method implanted in the jaw to hold the tooth or bridge.

However, many people who want to restore once lost teeth, have difficulty with the choice of implant and often do not know what criteria to do it. And this is very important because everyone wants to put his implants were high quality and reliable.

What needs to be based upon the choice of the implant?

First of all, you should pay attention to the quality of the material. Dental implants are made from titanium. Quality must meet category 5 Deg.

You should not choose implants with polished or smooth surfaces. The surface of the material must mimic the structure of natural bone, that is, to create a certain surface.

In addition, a dental clinic that makes you the implantation, in your health Arsenal should have a variety of implants, which would be suitable for any conditions.

Particularly appreciated implants, manufactured in Europe and the USA, and you should choose.

Be sure to pay attention to the qualification of doctor who is involved in implantation. Make sure he has the appropriate documents: diploma of medical school, specialty dentist, certified in the specialties of dental implantology and oral surgery.

The cost of dental implants, as a rule, varies and it depends on many parameters: the country of manufacture of the implant, the reputation of the medical institution and level of qualification of its employees, of the material from which it is made. Certain materials difficult to process, and the use of patent materials, that is, the introduction of know - how in implantology, considerably increases the cost of the product.

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