The impact of treatment on the human body

One of the most ancient medical treatments is leeching (i.e., treatment with leeches).

Despite all the achievements of science, technology and medicine, treatment with leeches is widely used in modern medical practice, as one of the ways of treatment without the use of drugs.

Treatment leeching

Used for medical purposes are not wild and grown in laboratories medical leeches. Entry of any infection, the patient is excluded, because they are sterile and are used for the purpose of just one day without reapplying.

Apply hirudotherapy in the treatment of very large and very diverse range of diseases. Quite often, the use of this technique may save the patient from surgery, and the treatment is so effective and safe that leeches can cure even very young children.

A positive result is achieved due to such factors as:

1. First of all, there is an effect from the so-called phlebotomy is generally improves circulation and saturation of the blood with fresh oxygen is faster;

2. In the saliva of leeches contains biologically secret liquid, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory components, as well as substances that stimulate the immune system, which is activated when the injection in human blood. Soft and delicate effect of these components leads to normalization of work of all agencies in person.

3. And, finally, the immediate impact is on certain acupressure points in the human body, and on the principle of acupuncture causes the activation of the internal resources of the organism.

Therapy is conducted with the help of leeches should be carried out only by prescription and under the supervision of a doctor. This is due to the fact that only a specialist can correctly identify the point of setting leeches and the exact number of leeches.

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