The impact for many more generations will have BPA

The negative impact, which currently has circulated widely used in industrial chemical bisphenol A, its mark will be applied to human genetics in subsequent generations - such a disappointing conclusion recently reached American researchers.

They have analyzed the health of the order of several hundreds of newborn babies from hospitals scattered throughout the United States, and the researchers found that the effect of bisphenol a during pregnancy in the genotype of their mothers laid significant changes. Such transformation in themselves never will be. In other words there was a mutation of the genetic properties, in most cases, these mutations was negative, and only occasionally in content neutral.

In the framework of the conducted numerous studies have found that the most common negative effect of bisphenol a on the body not yet born babies is to increase feelings of anxiety, aggressive behavior and cognitive disorders throughout their lives.

Suffering endocrine and, of course, the nervous system. In some cases, under the influence of bisphenol a may experience memory problems, to develop a mental disorder, to increase the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, and much more. The danger of bisphenol a is that person today has virtually no opportunity to avoid its impact. This chemical compound is found in everything that surrounds us. Bisphenol a is used to create all, without exception, plastic bottles, all kinds of food containers, sealants in dentistry and even checking tapes in stores.

"We now have irrefutable evidence that BPA causes genetic mutations that affect several generations. With each new generation negative transformation in the genotype will only get worse. We were seen in mice under the influence of changes in the function of neural expression greatly change and models of communication in society. These transformations make them more aggressive, lower their thinking abilities, and creates interference for them to act together in certain situations. Most likely, the same thing, in the near future awaits humanity. Of course, all that can generally be described as the "point of no return" in this case has not yet passed. Yes and hardly here it is possible to say something about the existence of any radical threats to the global existence of humanity as a whole. However, the problem really is the place to be and with each new day it only aggravated" says Dr. Emily risman (Emilie Rissman) from the Medical center at the University of Virginia (USA).

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