The immune system of the intestine is struggling with obesity and diabetes - the scientists

Scientists from University College London found that protein MyD88 not only participates in the reaction of the immune response, but also reduces the risk of developing diabetes and obesity. Experts studied the digestive tract and its involvement in the prevention of metabolic disorders. It turned out that the immune system of the gut plays a role in metabolic processes. Data provided by the publication of Zee News.

Protein MyD88 is located in the cells covering the inside of the intestine. If you suppress the activity of the protein, increases metabolism, reduces weight and the probability of getting diabetes mellitus. This effect on protein reduces inflammation associated with obesity and activates the protective properties of the intestine.

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Data were installed in experiments with laboratory mice are overweight. Scientists have established that the immune system of the intestine is necessary not only for protection against infections, but also for normal metabolism in the body.

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