The immune system may be able to destroy cancer

Children's hospital of Philadelphia became a place for testing new tools in the fight against leukemia. The first person on whom it was tested in April was a little girl Emma. While scientists had used the neutralized form of the virus that causes AIDS. With the help of virus immunity girls was at the genetic level reprogrammed, resulting in cancer was killed, writes The Globe and Mail.

Participated in the testing of the girl in the healing process almost died, but cancer is not bothering her for the past few months, although the diagnosis of lymphoblastic leukemia she was put back in 2010. Currently, this therapy has been tested only on ten patients diagnosed with an advanced form of leukemia. Two adult volunteers from the cancer does not return for two years. The four others are seeing improvement, but complete remission has not yet arrived. Although in some cases, the therapy has not given absolutely no effect.

The authors of the method are experts from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Carl Jung said that in the future to apply bone marrow transplant do not need it. Of particular interest to research scientists manifests company Novartis, which plans to promote therapy on the market.

Treatment requires the withdrawal of millions of T cells of the patient and the introduction of new genes that enable cells to fight cancer. This is due to the programming of T cells, which begin to attack the malignant b-cells. HIV has an excellent ability to transfer genetic material into cells.

Been modified T cells subsequently introduced back to the patient. Ideally, they should begin to multiply and to fight cancer. In connection with T-cells is protein CD-19, which is located on the surface of the majority of both healthy and malignant b-cells. During research it was found that cells destroying cancer, a long time can remain in the bloodstream.

An indicator of the effectiveness of therapy in each case is the original strong deterioration of the patient. The reason for this is the cytokine storm.

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