The immune system can protect against Alzheimer's

The immune system takes an active part in removing beta-amyloid is the primary factor in the development of Alzheimer's disease, increasing the activity of certain immune system components responsible for the destruction of beta-amyloid, can overcome the disease. This is the conclusion of American and British scientists who conducted the screening 700 blood samples and experiments on mice.

The researchers found that CCR2 gene, which is responsible for the activity of components of the immune system destroying beta-amyloids. The increased activity of the gene ССR2 in the experiment on mice showed improved brain activity in individuals prone to Alzheimer's disease.

Professor David Melzer, leading the operation, said: "the Result that we got is hoped that with the strengthening of the human immune system can increase the activity of a gene ССR2 and to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease".

Scientists have to learn to selectively increase the activity of certain immune system components.

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