The image of women largely depends on the perspective of the male study

Researchers from southern Methodist University established: women with established opinion that men like overweight women, feel more comfortable and generally satisfied with their weight. Was analyzed three studies and proved that the woman really depends on the perspective of the opposite sex. The results published by The Hindustan Times.

Women think men like small weight, scientists have noted a positive self-esteem and reduced compared to the average level of depression. Those women who believed that men like slender and thin, more often suffered from apathy, they noted an increased level of stress.

In the next study, the researchers assessed the weight of the participants of the experiment. Further, women were shown pictures of fat women and has said that men find them attractive. After this procedure, the opinion of women in relation to their own figures have changed for the better. Apparently, in order to secure the effect, it is necessary systematically to repeat this exercise.

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