The identified proteins, responsible for the appearance of skin cancer

Scientists say they have identified a protein that correlated with the appearance of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. The team at North Carolina state University have discovered that a protein known as P-Rex1 is of key importance for the movement of melanoblasts. When their uncontrolled growth, melanoma develops.

Scientists have discovered that mice lacking P-Rex1 protein-resistant metastatic melanoma. When they tested human melanoma cells and tumor tissue for the presence of protein, P-Rex1 was detected in the majority of cases, and this is a sure sign that the protein plays an important role in the spread of cancer.

"We know that mutations in the gene for skin disease are important for the development of melanoma and several years ago we published a joint study on 82 proteins , which relates to the genetic origin of melanoma. From this list of participating enzymes, we focused on proteins P-Rex1, " said a member of the research team Channing Der.

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Approved this summer, the drug vemurafenib is the first measure for the prevention of skin disease gene mutation. Clinical trials have shown that treatment offers a significant increase in survival . "We believe that vemurafenib may work, in particular, by blocking and regulation of P-Rex1," - hopes Der. Nancy Thomas, member of the scientific team of the project, adds: "there is Definitely a P-Rex1 plays a key role in metastasis and it gives us a better understanding of how vemurafenib can act, contribute to the development of new treatments ".

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