The identified molecule longevity

Scientists from the University of Concordia approached one step to the disclosure of the secret of prolonging life. Research scientists led to the discovery of new properties of bile lithocholic acid, which prolongs the lives of ordinary yeast. Biology Professor Vladimir Titorenko notes that the potential lithocholic acids may be useful for the invention of medicine of longevity, as in the structure of the yeast a lot of similarities with human cells.

Titorenko with colleagues followed more than 19,000 molecules yeast to prove the ability of bile acids to extend their life. It was found that under normal conditions the acid has a huge impact.

Public property bile acids significantly prolongs the life of yeast, however, before testing it on humans is still far away. First experiments on mice showed that this LITHONIA acid significantly improves the functioning of the pancreas and liver in rodents.

Bile acids can help in the development of drugs for diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders, all diseases that accompany aging. Giving, thus, a happy old age many people.

We can only hope that scientists will not stop in his search for the secret of longevity and will be able soon to give us healing from all age-related diseases.

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