The identified genes, regenerating nerves after injury

Biologists from the University of California and the University of Oregon has identified 76 genes that play a vital role in nerve regeneration after injury. This discovery will be the first step towards the development of treatment and restoration of the spinal cord and other nerve damage after a stroke.

A two-year study, scientists have revealed 654 gene involved in the regulation of axon growth (threadlike extensions of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord). Of them were allocated 70 genes that promote the growth of axons after injury and 6 inhibit re-growth genes.

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The head of research Professor of biology Andrew Chishlom notes that until now, scientists knew a lot about how to grow axioms after injury again, this is why spinal cord injuries mainly considered to be incurable. However, until recently, scientists had no idea that part of the process of repair and brake repair are their own genes. To find these 76 genes, the researchers conducted a painstaking experiments on more than 10,000 tiny round worms nematodes.

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