The ideal diet - 9 times a day

British nutritionists from Imperial College in London has calculated that the optimal number of times meal a day for a man is equal to 9. This mode speeds up the metabolism of the body, promotes a lean figure, and also stabilizes blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.

The researchers analyzed the diets of more than 2000 people in Japan, China, the U.S. and Britain, which have consumed in a day is equal to the number of calories. Some of the participants ate less than 6 times a day, some - more than 6, it was found that the second group of blood pressure were lower than in the first. According to the theory of frequent meals in small quantities does not rise to the level of fatty acids in the blood, which, as a rule, leads to increased cholesterol levels and pressure. In addition, frequent meals makes people feel more energetic. Scientists from the U.S. conducted the experiment in the group of firefighters. One firefighter scientists issued a standard ration, the second packing with small portions for snacking. The second group, there were a quarter more efficient compared with the group receiving standard rations. However, it should be clear that the frequent meals should not become overeating.

There is often not means there are more number of calories should not exceed the norm. Eating should take place every 2 hours, however, the dose should be limited to a sandwich or a plate of salad or soup, a few changes of course should not be used. But nutritionists are not happy dentists, as is well known, frequent snacking detrimental to tooth enamel.

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