The ideal age for the birth of a child prompt the width of the pelvis of the woman

Having studied the structural features of the pelvic bones, the researchers came to the conclusion that women should give birth at the age of 25. Exactly 25 years female pelvis takes the optimal shape for childbirth.

As a confirmation of his theory, scientists report the results of a study involving 275 men and women. The volunteers underwent computed tomography to study the structure of the pelvis and characteristics of this part of the body with age.

The researchers noticed, since 10 years, the pelvic bones are moving. To adolescence the girls pelvis starts to expand, adjusting to the reproductive function.

To 25 years the basin receives the most favorable position for childbirth. Since 45 years the pelvic cavity starts to deform. Therefore, doctors recommend thinking about the birth of a child at a young age.

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