The hypothalamus is the key to eternal youth man

From generation to generation people try to find any way that could give them eternal youth, however, as we know, they still could not do that. This time, scientists believe that they are on the verge of solving the mystery. They found that a region in the brain, which is responsible for the aging process, none other than the hypothalamus. In addition, experts believe that the hypothalamus is responsible for the feeling of thirst, hunger, body temperature, fatigue. In short, this part of the brain is a "fountain of aging", which controls all the changes coming with age.

According to experts from the College of Einstein, they managed to find the path that is the signal for a range of age-related diseases, and in addition it allows you to fight aging and regulates lifespan. Scientists for a very long time tormented by one question: grow old whether all tissues while being regulated by a single authority, or the age of each type of cells occurs by itself. Finally, the study found that the entire process of aging is regulated by the hypothalamus.

Located deep in the brain, the hypothalamus plays an important role in the development, growth, reproduction and metabolism. Over age there are various inflammatory processes in tissues. Inflammation is an integral part of neurological diseases, cardiovascular disease, many types of cancer. And responsible for all of the above-the hypothalamus.

The study found that if you block the path mentioned in the area of the brain that will be able to slow the aging process by up to 20 percent.

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