The hunting season opened Supplements

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" argues that Rospotrebnadzor banned the distribution of 26 kinds of dietary SUPPLEMENTS in Russia. The order was issued, and the certificate of state registration have been revoked. The reason indicated by the presence of prohibited components.

A ban were not only Russian but also foreign additives, such as Prostate Forte", "Triad Forte", "Balm Altai "Inhumane No. 2", "Balm "drive". The list of prohibited substances is replenished constantly. Now it consists of 450 herbs, including wormwood.

The list of prohibited materials is governed by scientific institutions, after which a decision on the permission or prohibition of a particular component. Perhaps the re-registration of the product. This change in the composition of bad (wormwood on tansy). There may be changes in the mechanisms of certification: the responsibility can go to the Ministry of health.

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Dmitry Yanin, Chairman, international Confederation of consumer societies believes that such an extension of the ban on the manufacture of dietary SUPPLEMENTS should only increase, the vast majority, 90% of these drugs are useless and not effective, and their production is nothing more than a business founded on trust of the population.

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