The human papilloma virus may be transferred to the mucous membranes of the mouth and cause cancer

The human papilloma virus is a common disease of the genital organs. This agent is based on mucous and be a precipitating factor. Doctors believe that the presence of this virus and its manifestation - this is a precancerous condition that requires diagnosis and immediate treatment. Not so long ago, scientists found that the virus of a papilloma of the person can be transmitted by oral during sexual intercourse. In addition, it is possible to autoinfection. This concept includes infection, reports Live Science.

The virus, says Natalie Kelso, can be widely spread and affect not only the mucous membranes. It can cause cancer of the genital organs. In addition, infection of the oral cavity may develop into cancer of the neck and head. Caution about the relationship between a large number of sexual partners and increased risk of infection has a solid Foundation.

The study, affecting more than 1,000 girls showed that the risk of oral infection with human papilloma virus is quite high. Scientists were asked to tell the group about their sex life. In particular, they were interested in whether the infection after touching a hand to the sexual organs, and then to the lips and oral mucosa.

It was found that the presence of oral infection was two percent of subjects. A fifth admitted that regularly practiced Masturbation. The maximum index among groups was six percent. It is worth noting that the lowest availability of oral infection as the result of infection by the human papilloma virus was the girls who were not engaged in Masturbation.

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Scientists plan to study the problem further and to begin with a study of young people in a similar direction. Scientists have noted that the number of transfer of infection with genital mucous of the mouth has been increasing recently, and you must make certain Merya for the prevention of this disease.

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