The human papilloma virus can cause lung cancer

Today, lung cancer is one of the most common diseases. According to rough estimates, each year around the world from dying more than one million people. Earlier studies have already established that human papillomavirus (HPV) causes cervical cancer, neck cancer, and brain cancer. Recent research found that 6 percent of cases of HPV was the cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Scientists have wondered about this, because if HPV causes lung cancer, it should be taken more seriously for the prevention and treatment of this disease. The American lung Association of disease States that 90 percent of lung cancer associated with Smoking, and causes lung cancer in non-smokers - unknown

As already noted, in 4 of the 36 cases of lung cancer in non-smokers, the researchers found patients infected cells of the two strains of HPV: 16, and 18. Subsequent research revealed in the DNA of cancer cells, fragments of genetic material of the human papilloma virus. This enabled scientists to assume that in 6 percent of cases this virus was the cause of cancer of the lung.

Scientists still do not know how the HPV virus got into the lungs, but at the same time they believe that knowing the cause of cancer in non-smokers, you can prevent its development. Meanwhile, statistics on the prevalence of HPV is quite frightening. It turns out that almost half of the women in the world at least once infected with this virus, which means that in the risk group are all active inhabitants of the planet.

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