The human papilloma virus can become oral cancer

Scientists from the American cancer society revealed that a sexually transmitted virus can become a nutrient medium for the growth of oral cancer. The HPV virus is one of the most known cause of cervical cancer, it can also cause cancers of the upper throat.

Although women also are at risk of cancer of the oral cavity, the highest risk of the disease are men. None of the scientists don't exactly know why, but there is an assumption that the vaccine against cervical cancer, which is obtained women and girls, saves them from this cancer.

The vaccine against human papillomavirus for men prevents warts and anal cancer, however, has not been studied in a new way and is unlikely to protect them from cancer of the oral cavity.

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However, the manufacturer of the vaccine against HPV stated that the development of a tool that would protect from oral cancer is not included in the company's plans. Just a year with cancer of the oropharynx sick 10,000 people, and since 1988, the incidence increased by 28 percent.

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