The human nose distinguishes trillion smells - the scientists

To assess the sensitivity of the human brain, scientists from America has developed a special system. It is the allocation of a number of molecules (at the first stage - 128), causing the characteristic olfactory response. Provides vivid examples of: anise, mint and others. After scientists have amassed a large collection of fragrances, they are mixed in different proportions and received a large number of odors.

Volunteers offered to distinguish odors from three sources. Two was the same mixture, in the third composition was slightly different. Experiments with balance, quality and quantity composition of odors continued throughout the study.

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Interestingly, the volunteers were perfectly coped with the task, even ate three of smell had more than half of the same molecules. The results of the study are as follows: the human nose has the potential to distinguish between more than a trillion different smells. It is likely that even this estimate may be understated.

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