Experts believe that the human eye is one of the most perfect forms of view on the planet. Human visual system to create a three-dimensional image, allows you to perform sophisticated and accurate manipulation. Insert the thread through the needle for us it seems a simple task, however, not every animal can boast of such coordination and such a close connection between vision and fine motor skills. Within recent studies scientists have proven that vision provides rapid response to dangerous situations. This writes Prothom Alo.

Physicians and scientists well understand the physiology of the organ of vision of man. The brain receives data from each eye. The result is a combination of images and create a three-dimensional image. The eye is a continuation of the brain, say scientists.

There is another theory, which says less. According to her, some primates, including humans, have retained the visual way fish and frogs. It helps to instantly spot danger and to make quick decisions about protection. Now conducted additional studies to confirm or refute this hypothesis.

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