The human brain overload himself with work, scientists

Sometimes the human brain independently overload yourself with unnecessary work. Scientists tried to explain the causes of this phenomenon and to answer the question why some people quickly learn certain skills, while others need more time for training.

In the experiment, the volunteers for six weeks was playing a computer game on concentration, attentiveness and quick response. During the study three times was carried out diagnosis of the activity of individual sections of the brain of volunteers during the game.

Scientists have identified two groups of players. First instantly taught the basics and advanced quickly to master. The second group slowly coped with the mission and was away from leadership positions.

The study of activity areas of the brain of volunteers showed that the brains of volunteers from the first group used during the game is extremely necessary in the current zone, reducing the activity of unused plots. The brains of volunteers from the second group worked on a different diagram that impede the rapid development of the skill.

Will there be soon a method to remedy this shortcoming in the nervous system of modern man, time will tell.

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